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Finding the right needs within your budget

Although many homes now have a horse or a pony in their garden, knows that these animals are still part of luxury livestock. They are expensive horses, but not only him, but also his equipment that respect certain rules.

What are you looking for?

Of course, when you decided to buy a horse, it was because you first became aware of the responsibility associated with owning a horse and that you qualify for good care. If it is the first horse, it is recommended to be old, and that is about 8 years old. Ideal age to start or buy. Calm and very versatile temperament to adapt. We do not recommend foals or young horses if we are not initiated to tame them. It is also not advisable to buy a good horse if we take him for a walk once a month. Preferably, it is a gelding, because they are the ones that pose the fewest problems. And then we must also take stock of the different equipment which is ideal to look at used saddles for sale with a price in a little high, but it's worth it.

Buy a horse

The best races to start are those indicated for the sport and especially those that are indicated for the equestrian excursions and that are ready to do a little of any discipline. At the time of purchase, you must have up-to-date veterinary journals. Veritable and up-to-date documentation of the horse and always conclude a sales contract in case of problems and claim. Many people who start out in this hobby and want to buy a horse are wondering what budget they have to mix to acquire it. Say we are looking for a young horse (5 or 6 years), tame, healthy, good character, good morphology and with a guarantee.

To date, this horse has cost a minimum of 7 to 8,000 euros with its complete equipment for 2,000 euros, a horse costs a total of at least 10,000 euros.

Horse riding equipment

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